Sharper peaks, better separations


Gas Chromatography Solutions

Wasson-ECE Instrumentation is a world leader in gas chromatography. Method development and leading edge gas chromatography applications are theirprimary focus. Wasson-ECE applications are developed on Agilent Technologies GC platforms for a level of quality and reliability that is unsurpassed.

Analytical Engineering

Expertise is not limited to laboratory solutions. The Wasson-ECE Analytical Engineering Group designs solutions for projects that require analytical accuracy and innovative engineering. Employing highly experienced, multi-disciplinary engineering team ready to solve challenges such as fluid handling, hazardous areas, analyte extraction, micro-reactors, and more. Specializing in laboratory and pilot plant automation providing on-line and process gas chromatographs. Custom hardware and software can be designed to meet project requirements in ways that off-the-shelf products cannot.