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The EcoSEC GPC System is a dedicated GPC instrument developed for fast polymer analysis. The all-in-one System delivers top performance, reliability and superior results. Time and solvent can be saved when the EcoSEC GPC System is coupled with our extensive line of highly efficient, semi-micro TSKgel columns. 

What sets an EcoSEC GPC System apart?
Retention times are independent of temperature fluctuations in the lab
  Dual flow RI detection for unmatched baseline stability
  Excellent precision of retention times for accurate mass measurement.
  Very low dead volume  for improved resolution and molar mass distribution accuracy



Dedicated system

 easy to use
 ready when you are

Dual flow RI detector

 unparalleled RI baseline stability

Semi-micro GPC system

 take advantage of the highest efficiency columns
 cut analysis time in half, and double the throughput 
   of your lab
 reduce solvent cost by more than 80%
 reduce solvent disposal cost

Temperature controlled pumps

 excellent reproducibility of retention times.
 consistent results from run-to-run, day-to-day, and system-to-system