Sharper peaks, better separations


Ellutia is a leading independent manufacturer of innovative chromatography instruments.  Formerly Cambridge Scientific Instruments Ltd, formed in 1994, the company became Ellutia Chromatography Solutions in 2010 and now has divisions in the UK, USA and Germany.

Since then, the company has grown from strength to strength and supplies its light, compact, yet highly sensitive GCs to a broad range of markets from education, cannabis and brewing, to materials testing and forensics.

To supplement our own proprietary product range, we have incorporated the best available external technologies to enhance our product portfolio and now offer a wide range of products including autosamplers, GC inlets, detectors, analysers, software, hardware and accessories.

We have become known for our personalised, responsive service and our ability to provide customised solutions to our customers’ challenges. Offering an ideal combination of agility and speed of service with a global outlook and industry-shaping technological innovations, we have become the partner of choice for hundreds of customers. If you are looking for something different in a market often dominated by rigid mass producers, Ellutia is the perfect analytical partner for you.