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Hydroxyapatite (HA) has become one of the bestcharacterized multimodal chromatography packings, with valuable research and industrial applications throughout the field of bioprocessing. Its combination of ion exchange and metal affinity have given it the ability to achieve separations that no other chromatography media can match, and it continues to provide unique solutions for emerging challenges in the field.

This handbook provides you with the practical knowledge to leverage the unique abilities of Ca++Pure-HA media to fulfill your most demanding separation requirements. Ca++Pure-HA is manufactured by a proprietary process that produces ultrapure 10 nm × 100 nm hexagonal cross section crystals (Figure 1). They are agglomerated into particles and then heated to create stable welds at the crystal contact points. Particle size and porosity are tightly controlled, the particles are easy to pack, and they support outstanding chromatographic performance.

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