Sharper peaks, better separation


JSB biedt diverse demo-apparatuur aan met korting tot wel 60%. Hieronder vindt u de volledige lijst en neem contact met ons op als u vrijblijvend een prijsopgave 

wilt ontvangen van de door u gewenste demo-apparatuur.

CTC samplers for HPLC and GC, including one RTC  PAL. 


  • G2801A 3000 micro GC 


  • Agilent 7890B Gc with  FID, flow modulator, S/SL inlet, EPC’s
  • Agilent 5977 A Extr. MSD Turbo EI bundle
  • G3242A 5975C inert MSD/DS STd Turbo EI System
  • Demo Atomic Emission Detector an parts 2 x


  • ZX2 – 7890 closed Cycle Refrigeration Thermal Modulator for Agilent 7890 GC
  • PEAK generator, nitrogen generator Genius 1052 for LCMS
  • PEAK Hydrogen generator with Precision Zero air, Precision Air compressor.
  • Agilent 7890B GC with S/SL inlet with EPC, Multimode inlet LN2 or Air cooling
  • FID with EPC for capillary column only, MS interface, TCD with EPC
  • ALMSCO MS-BTOF-331010 Bench TOF-SELECT EV, including transferline.
  • Cetac autosampler, ASX -7400
  • TPH analyzer
  • Agilent 7890B series GC custom with MS interface, FID, Hydrogen sensor, pneumatics control unit, CFT flow modulator,
  • G4513A 7693A autosampler
  • G4514A 7693A Tray 150 vials
  • G4520A 7693A Tray with heater mixer barcode
  • G7043AA 5977A Extr. MSD Turbo EI Bundle
  • M8308AA Openlab CDS GC Chemstation Upgrade
  • EST Flexx sampler


HPLC LCXLC system consisting of the following modules:

  • G1379B 1200 series HPLC degasser
  • G1316C 1290 Thermostatted Column compartment
  • G1316C option 058 Valve driver for 1290 infinity TCC
  • G1312B 1260 Fluorescence Detector
  • G1321B018 Standard flow cell 8 micro L for 1260 FLD
  • G1330B 1290 thermostat
  • G1365C 1260 Multi Wave length detector
  • G1365C option 018 Standard flow cell
  • G1367E 1260 High performance autosampler
  • G4212A 1290 Infinity Diode Array Detector
  • G4220A 1290 Infinity binary Pump
  • G4226A 1290 Infinity Autosampler
  • G4232B 2pos/10 port Valve head 1200 bar
  • Antec ECD
  • Sedere ELSD


  • Different pyrolyser models are on stock with autosamplers.


  • GC image software for GCXGC
  • Chemstation
  • Chemstation OpenLAb
  • G1039D Maurer/Pfleger /Weber MS Library 2011
  • G1701EA MSD productivity chemstation software
  • G2801A 3000 micro GC
  • NIST 2014

University solutions:

  • Complete systems that we have traded in:
  • Varian GC MSD
  • Varian GC with Ion source 


Is there anything that does attract your interest? Then please sent us an email or contact us throught our website.