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summary advanced analysis on volatile components

JSB organized in cooperation with our partners a seminar for Advanced Analysis on Volatile components. During this day the following topics were presented:

  • Static and Dynamic Headspace 
    Overview of autosampler possibilities
  • Thermal desorption
    CDS new 7500 Thermal desorption autosampler
  • Purge en Trap
    Optimizing tips and tricks for your purge and trap applications
  • Sampling
    Using vacuum canisters to sample air and Markes Micro-chamber: rapid emission screening of materials
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This seminar gave you an update on the possibilities of sampling gas for environmental/safety purposes or volatile components from solids or liquids or permeating volatiles. 

Please find a summary of this day in the presentations below:


Also there was a presentation from Hugo Knobel, Philips: Optimization of human breath sampling for VOC analysis.

This presentation is not online available, for more information please contact us through the form on the website.

guest speakers:

Ben Peters 

Ben Peters
Regional Sales Manager / Applications Specialist
CDS Analytical

Ben Peters has a Master’s degree in chemistry where his research focused on the synthesis and characterization of metal centered star shaped polymers. Prior to rejoining CDS after exploring other outside sales positions at a chemical database and another instrument company.

"I worked in a contract laboratory for ~10 years where I did mainly one-off custom type analysis – the projects nobody else / no other lab wanted to do.

Predominantly using GC/MS including pyrolysis, thermal desorption, purge & trap, and headspace inlet techniques."

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